” You May Not Know Me, But Thank You For Knowing About Me” An Update on Rodney Lincoln

I remember the letter I got from Rodney Lincoln. He was thanking me for the card I sent him for his birthday. I was stricken by his humbleness. He started his letter to me by saying the following “Dear Annie, thank you for your birthday wishes. You may not know me but thank you for knowing about me”.

Today, I’d like to bring his words forward. I want to share more than his case which most of the readers are well acquainted with. I simply intend to give him that honor and regard of a wise man who suffered the pain of a wrongful conviction with superb dignity.

Most of us know the madness behind his case. A conviction that was based on Eyewitness Misidentification and a prior record. Rodney was victim of the “If he did this before, then he must have done it again”. Well, his prior record did not exactly say ” he did this before”; Mr. Lincoln was involved in an self defense incident back in 1972. Not exactly the same crime. However, his prior incident weighted heavily on him like a stone.

Nevertheless, the sun might be shining again soon for Rodney Lincoln. In 2010 the Midwest Innocence Project (MIP) offered to pay for DNA testing on the hair and other hairs found at the scene. That aims to prove that the only physical evidence used against him at trial could NOT have come from him. Nevertheless, the Circuit Attorney was still not satisfied that innocence could be proven. The Midwest Innocence Project has recently made an agreement with the Circuit Attorney’s office to have yet additional DNA testing done as they believe will further prove Rodney’s innocence. Once the testing will be done, both MIP and the Lincoln family hope that Rodney will then have an evidentiary hearing to discuss the findings outcome. The additional DNA testing, taking place in Kansas City MO, is now in progress and Rodney is awaiting on further discussion between his legal team and the Prosecution which should take place in early March.

If the Judge decides to overturn Rodney’s conviction, the State, as we know, will still have the option to retry him. However if that’s the case, his legal counsel will request that Lincoln be released on Appeal Bond. The State has also the option of not retrying Mr. Lincoln in which case no appeal bond will be necessary and he will be released. I would love for things to be this simple but the State in question is the State Of Missouri. Notwithstanding, even in Missouri things of greater good can still happen.

Updates were kindly offered to me by his daughter Kay who was only thirteen years old when her father was taken away from her.

I look forward to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Mr. Lincoln and I wish him the best outcome by reminding him what another Lincoln (Abraham) said long time ago :

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”

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